"The Protection and proper maintenance of trees and grounds may increase property value, create aesthetic appeal, and may reduce liability and improve the environment."

The Scope of Services section is broken down into three categories:

Professional/Management Services

o Plant Appraisal/Casualty Loss

o Legal Testimony

o Review of Proposals

o Formulating Budgets

o Prioritizing/Long Range Planning

o Environmental/Wetland Services

Technical Services

o Tree Care and Preservation Plans

o Construction Injury Protection

o Landscape Design Review

o Written Specifications

o Inventories

o Technical Resource and Support

Consultants To

o Municipalities:
Tree Wardens, Public Works, Planning, and Conservation Commissions

o Legal/Insurance Professionals

o Groundskeepers/Managers

o Landscape Contractors

o Developers/Engineers

o Landscape Architects

o Property Management Firms

o Condo Associations

o Citizen Based Groups

o Commercial/Institutional/Private Property Owners or Administrators